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Sexヘア図鑑 This underhair illustrations are owner of man hair which has never been cleaned. Rie Mizusawa of OL is. If you draw pictures of under hair on paper and illustrate it, it is a manga figure like a broccoli round and round. Really! What? Rie, who thinks that it is overdrawing, turns the skirt, immediately lowers the pants and dews the man's hair. There was a man - made hair that had just fallen. It looks exactly like a side by side picture. How have you been? Swimming suit or something? As I asked her, the answer would be because the school swimsuit was a pants type. I see. The scooping water of this time is not a high leg V letter. Well, let's shave immediately! First, cut M long with long scissors with long hair! It is just a shirt style. It is this length for nine years. It's really long, is not it. And we will process with an electric shaver. Rie-chan bothers me with "ticklish." The hair is too much and the shaver is caught, but charm. Let's cut underwear fashionably! I will shave it from the back sticking out nice ass. Then, please enjoy SEX with Rie-chan who a beautiful beauty man decided to dew stylish under hair!