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AV summer Aya who is cute and nice style appeared very much for the popular "girls' workshop" which measures the various H parts of the girls! I will measure with an iron ruler as an isola / nipple. Nipples 6 mm. It is 5 cm from under the hole of the pussy to the chestnut. The pussy next to pussy, 4 cm, you get 5 cm x 4 cm pussy. It is average. The size is just right. I have not had any trouble

おんなのこの色んなHな部分を測定して人気の「おんなのこのしくみ」に とっても可愛くてナイススタイルの夏目あや ちゃんが登場です! 鉄定規で乳輪・乳首と測っていきます。乳首6mm。