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Nanpa at Tokyo station ♪ I call lots of women, but they are suspicious and losing streaks. When the sun is getting much colder, I found a stylish beauty wearing a beret hat ♪ Please let me do a fashion check and say "Let's just a little" ... Thanks! So take it to the studio (hotel)! ! Fashionable women are vulnerable to the word "fashion check"! Ms. Masuro is 22 years old. In the look of the idol style Occupation is a nurse ♪ By the way Oppai is an F cup ♪ If you take it off, it is erotic ♪ Today the work came to Tokyo station to see the illumination with a break. I parted from him who was dating a few weeks ago and seems to think that love is already much. But what about sex? Would you invite me for a moment and open the crotch and clothes? Let's investigate at once ♪ Big Big Big Big Bang! What? Continued in the main part!