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[AVOPEN 2018] "I thought that I want to blame a pretty girl" I have been going out with a lot of women, but I've never accused you of tatty. A little shy and super twinky bisexual girls appeared in Vivian! She said that she had touched her girls in her appearance, she wanted to blame cute AV girls, and volunteered to appear in Tachi! Sakuma Rui with a medieval and relaxed atmosphere entangled with Actress Mari Mori and Arai Sena debuts a super rich lesbian debut!

【AVOPEN 2018】「可愛い女の子を責めてみたいって思って」多くの女性と付き合ってきたけど、タチでガッツリ責めたことはない。ちょっとシャイで超イケメンなバイセクシャル女子がビビアンに新登場!その容姿で女の子たちを惚れさせてきたという彼女は、可愛いAVの女の子を責めてみたい、とタチでの出演を自ら志願!中世的で飄々とした雰囲気の佐久間ルイが女優 麻里梨夏と星奈あいと絡み合い超濃厚レズデビュー!