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【Limited time until 7/15】 For a limited time reprint works by Akiko Shikano. Download this opportunity! Friendly wife Ms. Akiko who got married with a husband in a light nori. It seems that it came to be etched with light taste today. It is a secret to the husband of course that we will bring my rotor as well as many times.

【期間限定7/15まで】 期間限定で鹿野 晶子さんの作品を再公開。この機会にダウンロードを! 軽いノリで旦那と付き合って結婚したという気さくな奥様晶子さん。今日も軽いノリでエッチしに来てくれたようです。マイローターも持参して何度もよがる姿は、もちろん旦那には内緒です。