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I was swayed by a bad man and tried to look after Kumi Hatsune who became sluggish to offer virginity to AV. Behind the circumstances aside The appearance that a daughter growing with such a nice smile and a smile is pretty innocent. If Kumi-chan will be able to help you feel better, we are also long-awaited. Let 's proceed to the second stage to Kumi - chan who has caught in the etch like cutting the weir anyway. I will raise it as much as I can fly consciousness.

悪い男に振り回されて、AVに処女をささげるハメになった初音久美ちゃんのその後をうかがってみました。 裏事情はさておきこんなにニコニコと笑顔が可愛らしい娘が成長していく姿は初々しい。 そんな久美ちゃんが気持ちよくなるお手伝いができれば我々も本望です。 なにはともあれ堰を切るようにエッチにはまってしまった久美ちゃんに第2段階に進んでもらいましょう。 意識が飛びそうなくらいブルブルさせてあげますよ。