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His face is good, character is good, style is outstanding. It is a wife who can not afford complaints doing unpleasant face with domestic affairs. But, are not you wondering what your wife is doing while you are at work? A feeling of hopelessness that a wife who believes is dyed lustlessly by someone in an unknown place. Is not it strange that the back muscle is exactly right now?

顔も良し、性格も良し、スタイルも抜群。家事も嫌な顔一つせずやってくれる文句のつけようがない奥さんですよね。でも.、貴方が仕事中に奥さんが何をしているのかって気になりませんか? 信じている妻が、知らない所で誰かに淫らに染められていく絶望感。今まさに不思議と背筋がゾクゾクしているんじゃないですか?