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This work is a real documentary work attracted by luscious luscious ladies. [Prolog] I came to Katsutadai station in Yachiyo city, Chiba prefecture. Under the cold weather, it was a girl-like young woman who knew at a meeting place at a meeting place. Her name is "Yuusa" (27 years old). You can feel erosion on your leg extending from a tight skirt. [Scene 1] There is no place to rain with rain around, there is no shower so check in to the hotel as soon as possible. A rusty hotel in front of a rustic station. [Scene 2] It is my second year since I got married. The relationship with your husband is said to be "ordinary." Since it was the way of feeling inclusive in words, I dig into it, "I had a relationship with the body every night until last year, but this year it is about the month I entered" ... ... I guess the motive to appear is sexless, "Husband's To repay the debt of a woman ... "It is said .... He kept secret in his husband, but he said that if she was a woman-tangled debt he tried to repay it with a woman. It is a very lady woman. [Scene 3] Beginning with a thick kiss, take off your clothes and bare the breasts with elevation difference. Sensitivity If you stimulate nipples with pretty fingers with your fingers, you will not bear a pant voice. I grabbed a nipple erected on a binge and feel the bodily accentuating it with a stimulus exceeding pain. Push out a big and tight ass, puncture the pantyhose and blame the cunt. An obscene liquid overflowing from the back of the vagina. If you insert the tip ● push your waist against yourself, apply it to Guigui and the vaginae and culminate. After finishing things, lying on the bed and chillin, she blames her nipples. Since it seems to be unsatisfactory, it rushes into an extension line. Even though I wanted to return my husband 's debt, I had a wife Schevey, faithful to her sexual desire.