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Mari is 25 years old. The occupation is an esthetician. She seems to work at a female-only salon ♪ It is a mature and beautiful woman ♪ she likes something comfortable and she is interested in an etiquette with an actor ♪ It has about 20 people. The first episode is that it was the first grade in junior high school. It is early bloom ♪ Although there is no boyfriend, Sefure is said to have several people. The criterion for selecting Sefure is that you first do an etch and certify as a sefure if compatibility matches there! ___ ___ ___ 1 ___ ___ 0 It seems to have completely woken up from sexuality w Pheromone Munmun just talking ♪ Mari something like how I love you very much ♪ I'm going to say that my head is panpanic in the interview, I will be able to be soo w Then let's see Mr. Doskeve etch ♪