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Yumi Takemura (Kana) This is the second appearance of genuine lady. Oh, my boyfriend. Oh, my boyfriend. Oh, ah, ah, ah ~. I'm seriously deeply sucking in my throat with a continuous call. It is more proof than that! Please have a look ~ ♪ Regards ~ thank you. Minen ~ Yumi Takemura's series "Ochinchini like ?? Milady! Then plenty shabby!" And "Pissing and vibes and ascending daughter Yumi-chan (kana)" are also available. Please see together

武村由美ちゃん(仮名)正真正銘のお嬢様の出演第二弾です。あ、んんんんんんん~。あ、んんんんんんん~。あ、んんんんんんん~あ、んんんんんんん~。んんんんんんん~んんんんんんん~って連呼で喉奥まで深くしゃぶりまくりです。論より証拠です!ご覧ください~♪よろしく~お願い申し上げます。んんんんんんん~ ※武村由美ちゃんシリーズ「オチンチン好きか!? お嬢様!じゃ~たっぷりしゃぶれよ。」と「放尿とバイブと昇天するお嬢様由美ちゃん(仮名)」もあります。合わせてご覧下さい。