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A genuine married woman, 10 years of marriage · Chisi Sasayama 38 years old made an AV debut. Chihiro who has a husband who is temporarily transferred abroad was a married couple looking forward to the couple's time of returning home once every three months. However, recently he grew up after childbirth and became unable to suppress himself to husbands who did not have sex even after returning home, decided to appear in AV. In a few days photographed between housekeeping and parenting, a clean married woman gradually turns into lustrous sexual desire and turns into a bewitching All Real AV debut document Cum Inside Cum Inside!

結婚10年目の本物人妻・笹山千尋38歳がAVデビュー。海外に単身赴任中の夫を持つ千尋さんは3カ月に一度の帰国の夫婦の時間を楽しみに待つ人妻 だった。しかし最近は出産後高まるばかりの性欲と帰国してもセックスしない夫に自分が抑えられなくなりAV出演を決意。家事と子育ての合間に撮影された数 日間で、清楚な人妻が徐々に秘めた性欲を曝して妖艶に変貌する全てがリアルAVデビュードキュメント中出し3本番!