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Mr. Chiharu Kurokawa's first-run-out mother-child adult work, second part! I am married to my husband who was the boss of the company at the end of in-house affair. Happiness was supposed to come .... However, the attitude of the husband who changed his marriage after marriage. Sex is a self-satisfying play that feels like it is okay if you can be satisfied. Chiharu was frustrated in both the mind and the body on a daily basis as a tool for exhaling desire. One day, as I entered the bath to enter a bath, Ken of my son-in-law was taking a shower.

黒川千春さんの初裏流出母子相姦作品、後編!会社の上司だった夫と社内不倫の末に結婚。幸せが訪れるはずだった…。 しかし、結婚後に豹変した夫の態度。SEXは自分が満足出来ればそれでいいといった感じの自己満足なプレイ。 欲望を吐き出すための道具としての日々に心も身体も欲求不満になっていた千春。 そんなある日、風呂に入ろうと浴室に入ると義理の息子のケンがシャワーを浴びていた。