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Akari of a housewife always staying naked at all times. "Your wife is always naked but not ashamed?" He is confused and asked during a public talk with his neighbor. Because she has been living naked ever since she was born. So I never felt special embarrassment to see naked. But this change triggered a change in her mind ....

いつも全裸で過ごす専業主婦のあかり。「奥さんはいつも裸だけど恥ずかしくないんですか?」お隣さんとの世間話の最中に問われ困惑する。何故なら彼女は生 まれてからずっと裸で暮らしてきたのだ。だから裸を見られる事を特別恥ずかしいと感じた事はない。しかしこれをきっかけに彼女の心境にある変化が…。