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Serina Muramura 062715_248 (Sorinana) who came to a high-price part-time job interview was a shop clerk 20 years old. When I listened to the impression of the high-end byte at the interview, I got a reply saying "content of jack-out", so it seems I understand what kind of work it is. Although it becomes clearly a strong work of adult color, when asked whether it is all right, replying "Yes" again as it is. Because I am convinced to some extent and the story is early, I tell you that video shooting will be done with adults, Serara seriously nods. He seems to have experienced H video as well. When asking the genre, I'm interested in "Normal ..." H, Seriously, Seriously, H is a boyfriend who has a favorite impression It looks a little flashy and gaps There is. The motivation of the aspiration is to ask a question, an ordinary girl with a dream that she wants to put out her clothes shop by herself. To make her dream come true, start taking pictures for style confirmation! With my shirt taken off and wearing a bra, I had a breast of Momi. Also nipple ... Also sensitivity is pretty good!

高額アルバイト面接にきた芹奈Muramura 062715_248(せりな)さんはショップ店員の20歳。面接で高額バイトの印象を聞いてみると「ヤバイ内容」と返事ができたので、なんとなくどういう仕事かわかってる様子。はっきりとアダルト色の強い仕事になりますが大丈夫か聞いてみると、やはり「はい」とあっさり返事。ある程度納得済みで話が早いのでアダルトでビデオ撮影になることを伝えると、頷く芹奈さん。Hなビデオは見た経験もあるらしくジャンルを質問してみると「普通…」 Hへの興味はあるし、Hは好きな印象の芹奈さんは彼氏なしという見た目はちょっと派手な感じでギャップがある。志望の動機はを聞いてみると、洋服のお店を自分で出したくて…という夢をもった普通の女の子。彼女の夢を叶えるためにもスタイル確認のために、写真撮影開始!とシャツを脱いでもらってブラを着たまま、おっぱいをモミモミ。乳首もついでに…感度はかなりいい!