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ORG - 013 Sin and Punishment First Volume ~ Married Wife Falling Perverted Love ~ Asahi Hojo Kawakami Yu Sin and punishment first survey ~ Married wife who fell perverted love ~ Asahi Hojo Kawakami Yu Identification: ORG - 013 Date of issue date: 2013-12-06 Length: 116 minutes bell Conduct: Faith Producer: Olga Rakuten:

ORGA Series: Sin and punishment (Olga) Classification: Traditional married woman mature woman Representative: Asahi Hojo Kawakami Yu (Morino Shizuku) ORG-013 罪と罰 上巻 ~倒錯愛に堕ちた人妻~ 北条麻妃 川上ゆう 罪と罰 上巻 ~倒錯愛に堕ちた人妻~ 北条麻妃 川上ゆう 識別碼: ORG-013 發行日期: 2013-12-06 長度: 116分鐘 導演: 貞邪我 製作商: オルガ 發行商: ORGA 系列: 罪と罰(オルガ) 類別: 戲劇 已婚婦女 成熟的女人 演員: 北条麻妃 川上ゆう(森野雫)