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A girls' elementary school student who appeared in the meeting place in the afternoon of a certain day "Maya-chan". I got into the car with a taut expression. While talking about my favorite idol and dislike old man, a soft smile starts to appear. When I start to taste her body in the car, all the embarrassing reactions. I have big boobs that do not resemble slim body, well-wearing mako, but they seem to be undeveloped yet. As I gently tackle, the pant voice gradually becomes bigger and hears the man's request straightforwardly. I was taught the taste of sex to the owner who was supposed to dislike, soaked in the pleasure gained from that pleasure ....

ある日の昼下がり、待ち合わせ場所に現れた女子校生『まやちゃん』。張り詰めた表情で車に乗り込んだ。大好きなアイドルや嫌いなおじさんの話をする うちに、柔らかい笑顔が見え始める。車内で彼女の体を味見し始めると、恥ずかしそうな反応ばかり。スリムな体に似つかない大きさのおっぱい、よく濡れるマ ○コを持っているが、まだまだ未開発らしい。じっくりと弄っていくと喘ぎ声は徐々に大きくなり、男の要求を素直に聞き入れていく。嫌いだったはずのおじさ んにセックスの味を教え込まれ、その快楽から得られる悦びに浸って…。