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Horny limbs of KANBi exclusive actress "Orikasa Rumi" blossoms .... ● Living with a son of a school student earned a living from a part at the supermarket but was also enrolled in a health shop for a son who is going to have a high income for a future son. One day, the fact that the teacher of the son who coincidentally passed near the store was known to that fact, and it has a relationship of the body for the purpose of a speech. Homeroom teacher occupying the taste Recommended to advance to Harumi's son, proposed transferring to soap land to suffer from household budget. Stimulation in the new place where it was not tasted by health Unleashing from the feeling of guilt for the son who was holding the stimulus, I will inscribe the pleasure of the woman beyond 'work' ....

KANBi専属女優『織笠 るみ』の淫美な肢体が花開く…。●校生の息子と暮らするみはスーパーでのパートで生計を立てていたが、将来ある息子のためにと高額な収入を目当てにヘルス店にも籍を置いていた。ある日、店の近くを偶然通りがかった息子の担任教師にその事実を知られてしまい、口止めのために身体の関係を持ってしまう。味を占めた担任教師はるみの息子に進学を薦め、家計に悩むるみにソープランドへの転籍を提案。ヘルスでは味わうことのなかった新天地での刺激はるみの抱えていた息子への罪悪感から解き放ち、‘仕事’を超えた女の悦びを刻み込んでいく…。