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The target of Nampa is "Yi women". Married / married, no age relationship. If you find a woman you want to worry about, you are seriously confronted with a serious question. This time Nanpa case. A woman of two person who came out from a cafe in front of a station in a certain place in Tokyo. Mako (22 years old) who called out at the place where we parted. "It is fine if it is just a little because it got so crowded!" Responding to the extra mileage of this Nampa. When asked Mako's story, he was a former actor who was aiming for an actress at a play after graduating in theater department at school. And what a boyfriend is currently engaged! My boyfriend was a classmate at the school and felt destiny when I reunited when I was an adult ceremony. Moreover, she calls her boyfriend "darling" plenty. Why did you come about being engaged? When asked, "Mako who answered" I was suspicious but my face was type (lol) ". Is this a chance? When touching a body or putting on a skin ship, I thought that I had once escaped to the bathroom and cooled down, from there Makos switched on! ! Look at the last Ikenai enthusiastic sex before marriage! !