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A daughter who thought of mother Shizuka who was hospitalized because her father was hospitalized and lived alone, and her husband Atsushi proposed to Shizuka to live together with three people and brought them home. One such day .... When Shizuka goes in front of the daughter's couple's bedroom, he sees a couple's unfilled sexual circumstances. On the next day, Shizuka entered into arbitration to take part in the relationship between the two, but her husband, Atsushi, who had been deprived of the gentle mother-in-law's warm heart and plenty of flesh, unexpectedly attacked Shizuka .... An awkward air flowed between the two people, it was an event that seemed to be a mistake only once, but Atsushi knew that Shizuka marveled at Atsushi's name and muttered while murmuring and returned to the bedroom where Shizuka waits again Heading ....