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Miyuki who was intrigued by the atmosphere from the way to talk. Whether it should be suitable for the atmosphere, talking about the episode on etch without hesitation, or somehow erotic in the stream, we can see a dull part about the splitness. Contrary to such impression, the kiss is long and rich, just like an AV actress. From such a dramatic kiss, some men with a sexual relationship with her sometimes called "Melty Kiss Miyuki". After the kiss, the facial expression turns like it melts to consciousness. I blushed my cheeks, and it shows a smart face. When the consciousness completely melted in the last stage, the pant voice which shouts so much pleasantness also pops out. Mr. Melty Kiss Miyuki, starting with a thick melting kiss and having consciousness ◯ ◯ also becomes a trout, can not miss even a second.