Watch Free JAV Porn Japanese Two years have passed since our husband and wife began to suffer from infertility. "At the hospital I started fertility treatment, I found that my husband was causing the problem, and I hit the desperate reality that there is almost no possibility of pregnancy even if I continue treatment It was done. Tsubasa still wants a child of a loved one. I desperately wanted to see the face he pleased and kept searching for the possibility of pregnancy. What she chose as the last resort was to ask the brother of the fruit of the husband of the husband with blood to ask for substitution 私たち夫婦が不妊で悩み始めて二年が経ちました」病院で不妊治療を始めて、原因が夫にあることがわかり、治療を続けても妊娠する可能性はほぼないという絶望的な現実も突きつけられた。つばさはそれでも愛する人の子供が欲しい。あの人の喜ぶ顔が見たいと必死に妊娠の可能性を模索し続けた。最後の手段に彼女が選んだのは、血のつながりのある旦那の実の弟に種付け代行をお願いすることであった on