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I liked my uncle. I could hardly wait for the summer to see my uncle. My uncle showed me various things. How to take insects. Crawl's breathing. Salvia's honey taste, the summer constellation. And .... The forbidden relationship between my uncle and my niece. In the end of summer I traveled alone for the first time for two nights. Ko transforms his thoughts to his uncle and changes from a girl to an adult.

伯父さんが好きだった。伯父さんに会える夏が待ち遠しかった。伯父さんは色んなことを教えてくれた。虫の取り方。クロールの息継ぎ。サルビアの蜜の味、夏の星座。そして…。伯父と姪の禁断の関係。夏の終わりに1泊2日、初めての一人旅。乃亜は伯父への思いを伝え少女から大人へと変わっていく。 on