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寝取らせxxx Take it asleep ... Manufacturer: Crystal picture Label: Techno Break Category: Bride / Wifehood married couple Single piece Laying, Crippled, Cum Inside Product code: 49 tbtb 111 Aoi had the propensity to be unusually excited about licking. It was also married three years ago to a long-established candy store where candy is always licked. However, the husband who runs a candle-shop does not go well with its cash flow, and will continue to pay debts, and further repayment will be delayed. And if you can not repay it from a man who has lent funds, you will be told that your wife should embrace only once. My husband had been away with my wife for a year because of his management suffering, but my wife was getting stronger with ladies. I am sorry there, but if I will replace my wife's libido and debt repayment I will present my wife. However, I do not even know that my husband is peeping at me from the emotions of sense of tenderness, my wife drowns in other people's stick and gets drunk in pleasure

メーカー: クリスタル映像 レーベル: テクノブレイク ジャンル: 花嫁・若妻 人妻 単体作品 寝取り・寝取られ 中出し 品番: 49tbtb111 あおいは舐める事に異常に興奮するという性癖を持っていた。それもあり、常に飴が舐めれる老舗の飴屋に3年前嫁いだ。しかし飴屋を経営する夫は資金繰りが上手くいかず、借金を重ね更には返済が滞ってしまう。そして資金を融通していた男から返済できないのなら、妻を1度だけ抱かせろと言われてしまう。夫は経営の苦悩から妻と1年ご無沙汰だったが、妻は女盛りで性欲が強くなっていた。そこで渋々だが、妻の性欲の発散と借金の返済の代わりになるならと妻を差し出す。しかし背徳感の情事から、夫に覗かれているとも知らず、妻は他人棒に溺れ快楽に酔い浸ってしまう